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Ever heard of an ad agency that has a special ‘Pyaar’ for Rural India? Yes, it’s Eggfirst – India’s Rural Specialist Advertising Agency in Mumbai.

Let us introduce ourselves in a poetic way! We have a unique relationship with Rural India, Every village, every nukkad connects with our kahaniyaan To bring digital advertising in villages is our key. People hail us by calling ‘Brand ke Saarthi’

Eggfirst Agency's team members posing together for a group picture at the Chalo rural conclave and awards event. Know More
Eggfirst Agency's team members posing together for a group picture at the Chalo rural conclave and awards event.

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Badhti ka naam, India ka Rural Market!

The growth of India’s rural market is undeniable, emerging as a key contributor to the country’s economic vitality. India's vast and diverse rural landscape poses distinctive challenges and opens up exceptional opportunities within the constantly evolving marketing realm. With nearly two-thirds of the Indian population residing in rural India, also known as Bharat, brands aiming for serious expansion and sustainable growth have understood that the rural market's power and rapid progress aren’t to be doubted. With this insight, brands are employing many strategies to extend their reach in rural marketing. As one of the top ad agencies in Mumbai, we are here to partner with them and enable this journey through advertising that is strategic, impactful, sensible, disciplined, cost-sensitive, result-driven, mature, sincere and more.

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Is digital marketing effective in rural areas?
Yes, #RuralMeinHaiDigital

With the internet taking over the world, it’s reached deep into rural India, or Bharat as we fondly call it. With a smartphone in every hand, digital marketing is the perfect way to tap into and leverage this potential. Here’s a mind-blowing tidbit: In 2023, India had over 44 crore Active Internet Users (AIUs). Which means an average of AIUs per Rural Household: Which means on an average every household in Bharat has 2.2 internet users. Now, that’s penetration of digital in Bharat. Then why would we - as marketeers - not leverage the digital outreach. Not to mention, the unique characteristics of Digital media that lend itself to delivering serious impact with limited monies.
What role does community engagement play in rural marketing?
Community engagement plays a pivotal role in rural marketing, acting as the 'masala' to the 'chai' ! Who better than our Janata Janardhan to build trust by maintaining an understanding of their traditions, culture, and needs.