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Rural Digital Marketing

Rural Digital Marketing

With more than two Active Internet Users (AIUs) per rural household in India, rural internet penetration is a marketeer’s dream come true. Add to that the billions of dollars worth of investments by large tech firms to profile and target consumers. Marketeer’s are empowered with better targeting options that deliver ROI like never before.

Rapidly, the attention of consumers is shifting from TV, Print and Outdoor to Digital. The reallocation of marketing monies has been just as swift. Well, almost.

Eggfirst uses digital platforms a plenty to connect brands with rural audiences. Our rural digital marketing services cater to the specific needs of rural brands by deploying a range of online channels to create brand presence and interaction. We diligently craft rural digital campaigns, provide innovative content, and design strategic communication to make sure your brand gets noticed in the media clutter and resonates with rural consumers.