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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization

Today, digital has touched each and every consumer. Well, almost. It has totally changed the landscape of rural India, not just rural India advertising. Something that is so life changing will certainly impact advertising too. We, at Eggfirst realised this about a decade back. We watched closely the impact made by Jio in 2016, the reach it enabled and the dreams it ignited. Needless to mention, we worked single-mindedly to aligned our brands and their advertising via digital for rural consumers.

Now, Social Media forms one of the integral parts of this digital outreach. While there are certainly many many more components of digital consumer connect, social media optimisation deserves a rich space in a brand’s digital strategy.

Our team of experts creates compelling content, campaigns to ensure that your brand crafts its own space and connect with consumers. A very strong understanding and deployment of technology certainly enables this ask for the brands we serve.