Case Study of Roxx


Eggfirst has been Roxx’s agency for more than 5 years and we have introduced successful campaigns and coined the tagline, ‘Always Special’. Roxx featured as one of the top three glassware brands in the market.


  1. Shift in Client Expectation: Initially geared toward brand recognition, the Festive Campaign (#TyohaarWaliFeeling) confronted a shift with the consumer's cognizance due to improved income.
  2. Budget Overspending on Google: In the marketing campaign's preliminary degree, overspending on Google led to a higher Cost Per Result (CPR), impacting the general marketing campaign’s overall performance.
  3. Learning Phase Impact: Following the studying segment, the general CPR decreased, accomplishing outcomes surpassing the media plan's expectations.
  4. Performance Variation between Campaign Phases: The second phase outperformed the first, showing smoother performance and significantly lower CPR.


  1. Adaptation to Sales Focus: Swiftly tailored marketing campaign strategies to align with the client's shift towards emphasizing sales over mere emblem recognition.
  2. Budget Optimization on Google: Implemented refined strategies to make better overspending on Google commercials, specializing in preserving the most useful Cost Per Result (CPR).
  3. Learning Phase Utilization: Leveraged insights received from gaining knowledge of segments to excellent-tune and optimize marketing campaign performance, resulting in decreased CPR and overachievement of dreams.
  4. Enhanced Performance Measures: Incorporated subtle methods, found out from the primary section, to make sure stepped forward performance within the next phase, leading to smoother operations and reduced CPR.


It is worth noting that our interventions left the response rate of our target audience at an incredible 100% above its baseline with the same period of reporting showing tremendous boosts in the liking of our brand over the past six months. These tailor-made strategies not only increased Simpolo’s online presence but also created an established niche for themselves in this industry among the target audience and they stood out from the rest of the players in this industry.

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